William Long – North Gwinnett



Question Answer
Please tell us about your current plans after high school. And what inspired you to choose this path? I will be attending The University of Georgia in their Honors Program this fall. I’ve been a life long Dawgs fan and my mom and both my aunt and uncle on her side attended UGA. My intended major is Biology with a Pre-Med track and I can’t wait to get up to Athens this fall.
Please tell us a little bit about your family. My family has lived in Suwanee practically my whole life. My dad is a CPA in Suwanee and my mom is retired. I have a brother who is a sophomore at NGHS and on the football team.
Where do you go to school? North Gwinnett HS
What are a couple of your favorite restaurants in our community? Chipotle, Monterrey and Taco Mac
Who is the most interesting person you’ve met here in our community? Dr. Saadiq El-Amin. Dr. El-Amin is an orthopaedic surgeon and team doctor for all of North Gwinnett athletics. He was at all our football games, provided immediate attention and care to injured players and has operated on many NG athletes and helped them get back to playing their sport.
If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would it be and why? The Maldives – it has great beaches and beautiful water for snorkeling. It’s halfway across the globe and wouldn’t be full of tourists.
What is one of your favorite movies? TV shows? Avengers Infinity War; Prison Break
What’s the best advice you ever received from a teacher? Who was the teacher? Coach Bill Stewart – F.A.M.I.L.Y. “Forget About Me, I Love You” – mentality to do for others and not always think about yourself first.
What is your go to band when you cant decide what to listen to? The Strokes
If you could choose anyone that is alive today and not a relative; with whom would you love to have lunch? Why? And where locally would y’all meet for this lunch? Joe Rogan – he does interviews with cool people on YouTube and podcasts. I think Jim N Nicks would be a good place to have lunch.
What is your favorite thing or something unique about our community? Suwanee Town Center has great vibes. I like how we have cool events in Suwanee Town Center.
Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years? 5 Years – Medical School. 10 years would be working as an orthopedic surgery resident in a hospital.
What show are you binge watching right now? Prison Break
Favorite month? holiday? and best single day on the calendar? My favorite month is September – weather is good, college football and it’s my birthday month. My favorite holiday is Christmas.
Who inspires you to be better? My parents. My grandparents. My coaches.
If you could go back over your entire school career what is one thing you would do different? I would not have taken AP Chemistry my sophomore year. I would rather have taken AP World History.
Who or what do you miss the most right now? Doing normal things, hanging out with my friends. Going to Prom.
Were you involved in any sports or extra curricular activities? Most of my time in high school was spent on the football field. I was a starting linebacker and long snapper my senior year and was lucky enough to be a member of the 2017 State Championship Team. I am in the National Honor Society and have volunteered with the football team with Happy Feat over the past several years. I have worked at Squeaky Car Wash and also worked delivering food with Door Dash.
What’s the first thing you want to do when this quarantine is over? I want to go to the lake and hang out with friends.