Matt Savitt, I.T. Specialist

Matt Savitt is known as “The Mayor” at Stillfire Brewing because he hasn’t missed a day stopping in to see friends and have a beer since the brewery opened its doors. It seems like everyone knows Matt and this is why…


What inspired you or led you to your current career?
I got into I.T. because I was asked to. I have been interested in computers for as long as I can remember and it came naturally to me. After helping out family friends and friends of friends, my career blossomed from there. I work for a medium-size company in Suwanee, Georgia Expo.


What got you interested in Stillfire Brewery?
I actually met John, Randall, Aaron and Phil at Suwanee Beer Fest and had a great time tasting the excellent, fantastic beer. They told me their plans to open Stillfire and I live right across the street — within walking distance. I’ve worked in Suwanee for six years but lived in Winder until I moved to Suwanee. The commute was awful and I didn’t know anyone there. When I heard about the new apartments in Suwanee, I met the leasing staff and signed a lease before they were even built! I’ve met hundreds of people there and love the sense of community.


What is your favorite restaurant in Suwanee and what do you love there?
I love all of the restaurants in Town Center and the variety offered from food trucks at Stillfire.


How long have you worked or lived in Suwanee?
I have worked in Suwanee six years and lived here two years. I enjoy all of the events here and being close by. I also volunteer for Suwanee Fest and help out with it.


What has kept you here?
The people and the community. I meet new people every day from all walks of life and find that everyone is just wonderful. I love the diversity here and the fact that most people here would give you the shirt off their back if you needed it. It seems that people move here and don’t leave.


How big is your family?
I have a very small family who still live in Ohio. I moved from up North about eight years ago. I was tired of shoveling snow. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.


Who is the most interesting person you’ve met in Suwanee?
I don’t know that I can single just one person out! There are so many interesting people here, from people who have lived here for 30-plus years and tell stories about how the town used to be to people who have just discovered Suwanee.


If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would it be and why?
I have traveled all over the U.S. and really appreciate everything we have here, from the East Coast to the West Coast, North states to South beaches, the Grand Canyon to Hawaii, the craziness of New York City. New Zealand is one place I would like to visit. I have met people from there who say it is beautiful.


What is the first movie you remember seeing in a theater?
It’s gotta be Back to the Future.


What advice would you give a crowd of people?
My best general advice is to be yourself. Be true to yourself. This will take you very far in life. There is enough good in every person to find others who share the same passions and joy.


What is something on your bucket list?
Skydive! I don’t think that I have a fear of heights, but I guess someday I might find out. It would be fantastic to see the Earth from that perspective. They might have to push me out of the plane, though.


If you could take anyone to lunch (dead or alive) who would that be and where would you go?
I would say either Einstein or Hawking. I would love to sit in a quiet park and people-watch, and talk about crazy things that I cannot even imagine.


What is your favorite music?
Name three bands you would like to see. I love all music: rock, pop, jazz, blues and classical. As long as it has good rhythm and beat I enjoy it. I would have loved to have seen Pink Floyd in concert and The Rolling Stones.


What local business makes you the most nostalgic about Suwanee?
I am pretty new here, so I’m not sure, but I would say Five Guys that used to be in Town Center Park.


What is your favorite thing about Suwanee?
I like the fact that there is a process and a plan here. Growth is organized and well thought out all the way to 2040, with a vision and the resources to make it happen. If no one cared, the process couldn’t survive. People here have a vested interest in their community and it seems that we are just getting started. I love being part of it.


Would you rather speak to a crowd of 500 or sing to a crowd of 50?
I feel like they’re going to judge me either way! I would probably be more comfortable speaking than singing.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I hope to still be here and involved for many years to come.


What is something interesting that most people don’t know about you?
I feel like most people know most things about me.

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